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Don’t be a stranger

This May, Julia co-wrote, co-produced and starred in her first screenplay Don’t Be a Stranger. The short film directed by Josh Wahl follows four childhood friends- Jaime (Julia Marie Black), Kirsten (Chelsea Bolles), Jake (Patrick Saint Ange) and Bodie (Andrew Ajaka)- as they mourn the loss of their friend, Ben. A shapesifter soon enters their group in a thrilling exploration of who you know and who you don’t. 

Production Photos by Sullivan Harris

Check out this behind the scenes interview with Julia Marie Black about her experience working on the short film Don’t Be A Stranger.

Short Film

Thought bubbles

Julia Marie Black wrote the screenplay for this short film which was created for the Fredonia 50 Hour Film Festival in 2018. The film won four out of the six awards that were presented including Best Film, Best Direction, Best Use of Theme and Best Actress for Julia’s performance as Nora. 


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