Everything Feels like the End of the World

This dark comedy follows an angel and a demon as they fight over a human soul in an exploration of life, death, and everything that comes after.

TW: Discussions of Suicide, Addiction, Domestic and Sexual Assault 

Artwork by Levi Denton-Hughes



End of the World

The Process

Due to the constraints of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Everything Feels Like the End of the World went through a very unusual rehearsal process. the actors, Julia Marie Black (Angie) and Jack Levenberg (Devon), met with Director Matthew B. Cullen via zoom to work on the script for several weeks leading up to a weekend of in-person rehearsals in Freeport, NY during which they staged the full show.

The actors and production team then returned to zoom rehearsals for several weeks before the actors and out-of-town production team members made the commute to Fredonia, NY for tech week and performances.

 Photos by Sullivan J. Harris


Notes from the aisle seat

Playwright Julia Marie Black and Director Matthew B. Cullen sat down with Tom Loughlin to discuss the creation of Common Ground Theatre Company and the debut of Julia’s new play Everything Feels Like the End of the World

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Julia Marie Black