Everything Feels like the End of the World

This dark comedy follows an angel and a demon as they fight over a human soul in an exploration of life, death, and everything that comes after.

TW: Discussions of Suicide, Addiction, Domestic and Sexual AssaultĀ 

Artwork by Levi Denton-Hughes


Julia Marie. Black and. Erin Grace Kelly as Angie and Devon

End of the World

The Process

Due to the constraints of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Everything Feels Like the End of the World went through a very unusual rehearsal process. the actors, Julia Marie Black (Angie) and Jack Levenberg (Devon), met via zoom to work on the script for several weeks leading up to a weekend of in-person rehearsals in Freeport, NY during which they staged the full show.

The actors and production team then returned to zoom rehearsals for several weeks before the actors and out-of-town production team members made the commute to Fredonia, NY for tech week and performances.

Photos by Sullivan J. Harris

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Julia Marie Black